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This is a little known fact about the FIREBIRD .The very first Firebirds started conceptually in 1953 and then again in 56..and 58 .The 1953 Concept Firebird adorns the Daytona 500 trophy.. the Firebird Concept pictured is the 1958 ..In 1964  Firebird hints were drawn into the Banshee XP concept cars once again .And as we all know Firebirds were drawn off of the Camaro FBody in 1967..
In 1964 Pontiac unveiled their newest concept car, which they dubbed the Banshee. During its development it was called the XP-833 project. This car was a small two-seater with a long, sweeping hood and a short rear deck. Several different versions were constructed, but only two drivable prototypes were ever built.By  looking at the tail lights its obvious that  they  look like 1st gen firebirds.


this Video is from our Annual Cruisin` for Cancer, A Rolling Car Show  escorted by the Mass State Police
New England Firebird is a club for ALL car enthusiasts although we are  mostly Firebird & Trans Am we do welcome any and all makes to join and / or attend our shows..Joining the club is only $25  a  year and that includes a T- Shirt  OR two cozies or  a Travel Mug.

Our CRUISE NIGHT at Fuddruckers begins  --------------------During inclement weather please call Fudds or 978-685-9300 for info.

Currently this website is under construction so please be patient for information and content. 

                                                           We are a Local Chapter of  National  Firebird and  Trans Am..
                                                   OUR   2013    CAR   SHOWS  ARE   NOW ON  THE  EVENTS   PAGE 
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